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Lunch ideas for work?

I work in an office Mon-Fri long hours.  I bring morning snacks and lunch everyday but I'm getting tired of the same things all the time.

Some of my usual snacks are greek yogurt, bananas, grapes, cheese sticks, instant oat meal, pop tarts, nuts

Some of my usual lunches are salads, PB+J sandwiches, chicken and veggies and rice,  lean pockets, and at times turkey sandwiches

I know not all of my usuals are healthy but for the most part I make healthy choices.  Keep in mind these are not the only things I ever eat, these are just the things I mostly tend to bring to work.  I would LOVE some new ideas please!

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Re: Lunch ideas for work?

  • I have been on a total salad kick recently.  I have been alternating a few.  Spinach salad with boiled eggs and grilled chicken, goat cheese and super greens are my two faves.  Pinterest actually has some good ideas on packing salads for work and I know I recently pinned a blog that had like 72 salad ideas on it. 
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  • Hummus and crackers is one of my favs, I also started making my own granola bars (just google a recipe) and you can put anything you like in them which is fun :)


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  • Apple slices or celery sticks with peanut butter, baby carrots, or mini size microwave popcorn for snacks.

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  • I too work long hours, and mostly in my car.  It's hard for me to pack anything that needs to be heated- and depending on how warm it is, anything that needs to be cooled.  

    Typically I have a Clif bar in the morning, one of the high protein versions, and my tea.  

    Snack wise I pack baby carrots, cheesesticks, frozen yogurt tubes, cherry tomatoes, pretzel thins, crackers, rice cakes, trail mix, applesauce packets, fruit leather, avocado slices, cucumber sticks, pecans or almonds, etc.

    Lunch wise, I pack tuna with rye crackers, hard boiled eggs, or egg salad. Honestly, I eat mostly snacks throughout the day and don't even pack a "meal" per se.  I also pack about 6 bottles of water each day and go through all of them by the time I get home. 

  • Pasta salad -- whole wheat rotini thrown together with broccoli florets, carrot coins, sliced black and green olives, diced chicken or turkey, and Italian salad dressing.  
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