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Dealing with Adoption

I just gave birth Monday March 26 to a beautiful baby girl.  I got to spend 24 hours with her and then had to hand her away.  My heart is so broken and empty right now.  I do not know how to make it day by day without having her here in my arms.  My husband and I are gonna start trying soon to have one of our own.  But until then I have no idea what to do with myself

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  • I am so sorry that you are feeling so empty right now! I don't know exactly what your situation entails, but I recommend that you talk to a counselor or pastor about what you are feeling. They will be able to listen and help you learn how to deal with your grief and begin to move forward. Post-pregnancy hormones can do a number on anyone, and you definitely have additional stress on top of that! If you placed your child through an agency, they may have some post-placement resources or support groups that could also be helpful, so try giving them a call to ask.

    I will be praying for you!

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  • I am so sorry that you are hurting.  Adoption is full of losses, and it sounds like you are experience the grief as a birth mother.  Please reach out for help and support.  If you worked with an agency, call them and share exactly what you've said here.  They should provide some services and support.  If it was with a lawyer, call and ask for help.  You deserve support through this difficult time.  Hugs and prayers to you as you work through your emotions.
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  • Sorry for you and your daughters loss. She is missing you just as much. Again sorry for yours and hers loss.



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