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I have something exciting to show you

This is DS2. His DCP has been working with him on the skill in the video. I am so freaking PROUD of him! She took this video for me and I just saw it yesterday (this was videotaped Wednesday). He is 2.5yr with CP.

***I do not normally post videos or pics of my kids so this video link will be deleted at some point today.

***removed link***

Re: I have something exciting to show you

  • So exciting! He looks so happy!
  • Way to go buddy! He is too cute! :) (And that is a big deal! I would be proud, too!!)
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  • Yea!!! I love his smile and how proud he looks as he's doing this. And what an awesome DCP. :)

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  • Awesome video!  I love the smile on his face!  :) 

  • OMG, he looks so happy and proud of himself. 

    What a sweetie! Yay for him! 


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  • AWESOME!!!   LOVE that smile, I want to sqeeze him! 
  • Yay! You can tell in the video how proud he is of himself, as he should be :)
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  • OMG, I just want to give him a giant squeeze.  He's soooo cute and that proud smile on his face.  Maybe it's the hormones but this made me downright teary!
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  • I have to say that I think his smile at the end is my favorite part!
  • I couldn't watch this at the hospital and was hoping you still had it up when we got home.  I LOVE HIM!!  He is SOOOO cute!   

    He did such a great job!  Yayyyy 

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  • That's fantastic! I love how excited he is about his new skill. Way to go!!!
  • **tears** Yeah!!!!!!
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  • How wonderful! He is such a cute kid!
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    He is so excited..as he should be.  Looks like he has great protective reflexes too!

  • I missed it... appears the link was removed.  I'm sure it was an awesome moment!

  • Darm, I wanted to see...my dd is 13 months and has cp and is nowhere near walking!! Yeah for him...I bet you are one proud momma:)
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  • For those that missed the little video, it was DS2 at daycare. DCP videotaped working with him. The video shows him sitting on a kid's step stool (think what you put at the bathroom sink so they can reach the faucet), stood up for maybe a second, and sat back down without losing his balance. :-)

    That is tremendous. If you want to see it, PM me with your email address and I will email you the link (but page me here to let me know I have a PM).

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