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??? from ttc >35 board re: IVF

Hi ladies,

We are giving serious thought to IVF, after about 17 cycles and no luck, and failed clomid and iui w/ injectables, we are at the point of IVF, the thing is that we are OOP, for everything and my clinic is about $15-17k with meds. That is alot of money on a maybe, also thinking about the shared risk program, which is about $20 w/o meds, and is only 2 cycles with fresh eggs and 2 with frozen, i was told by my RE that i probably wouldn't have anything to freeze due to low reserve, so i am really looking at 2 cylcles at most which with meds will be $28k, just not sure what do to.

How many of had success with the 1st IVF, and what is your age?

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Re: ??? from ttc >35 board re: IVF

  • We are OOP and yep, it really sucks having to pay all that money.  But IVF does offer you the best chances at becoming pregnant.  So it all depends on how badly you want to be parents and how long you are willing to wait.  

    That said, it took us 3 IVFs to get pregnant with our first child.  We paid for each one OOP, which was brutal.  But now she's here and it really was all worth it.  I'd do it again in a heart beat.

    We never had any frozens... I didn't have DOR but I am a poor responder.  I think it's a personal decision that only you and your DH can make, but if it were me I would do the shared risk.  

    Good luck!! 


    p.s. I was 32-32 when cycling last time.  Now I am almost 35.  We just did IVF to try for a second child and it *so far* has worked on the first try.

    dx'd with severe endo and poor egg quality 3 IUIs were all BFN IVF #1 = c/p IVF #2 = BFN IVF #3 = beautiful baby girl born 2/2011; 8/2011 Surprise BFP - natural m/c at 8w; TTC #2 2011-2012; 2 IUIs = BFN; IVF #1 = BFP 9dp5dt beta = 328; 11dp5dt = 650; 13dp5dt = 1114; 18dp5dt = 4747 BabyFetus Ticker
  • We were very lucky to have our first IVF result in a BFP. I'm 32, DH is 36.

    We had a great number of eggs retrieved but by the day of transfer we only had 2 blasts, the rest of our embies were too far behind to freeze.

    TTC 12/2009
    Me: 32 - Stage II Endo / DH: 36 - Low count and morphology (1%)
    IUIs 1-3 BFN, lap Dec. 2010, IUIs 4-6 BFN
    IVF w/ICSI #1 - ER 2/8: 24R 19M 9F ET 2/13 2-5 day blasts (no frosties) = BFP - b/g twins!
    E & C Born 10/19/2012
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  • We are OOP as well and I'm sorry you are too... it sucks!

    I would highly recommend the shared risk.  We invested in a refund plan, and despite the fact that we were "ideal" candidates and we were supposed to have a very good shot at getting pregnant the first time, plus plenty of frozen embryos left over, it didn't work.  IVF #1 failed and I was able to use the refund money to invest in IVF #2 at a different clinic.  We are still out around $30K but it would have been $40 without the refund plan.  And it will all be worth it if this little baby sticks around in my belly for the next 8 months before making his/her grand entrance in the world :)

    Best of luck!

    Severe MFI. Me: supposedly all clear but eggs showed vacuoles.

    IVF #1 January 2012, ER Jan 14th: 34R, 27M, 23F. Day 3: 18 embies still strong. Day 5: zero "good," one "fair," the rest "poor." Transferred 3. None made it to blast or to freeze. Jan 28: BFN.

    Lucky IVF #2: Transferred two beautiful day three embies on St. Patrick's Day. BFP on HPT 7dp3dt. Beta 1 (14dpER)=106; Beta 2 (16dpER)=140; Beta 3 (19dpER)=264! First u/s 4.17.

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  • I'm 36, and it took us 3 fresh and 1 frozen.  Actually our infertility was on my husbands side, i checked out just fine.  But obviously, my age didn't help the situation.

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  • thanks for the responses, i had a feeling that the shared risk was going to be the way to go. because of my age i don't qualify for the refund package, how sucky!
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  • We were lucky to have success on our first IVF attempt. I am 33 and DH is 39.

    Severe endo & fibroids, IVF #1 BFP with twins, Gabriel Mark (5/20/12) & Zachary David (5/24/12)- said goodbye to my two angels at 17 weeks due to pprom. Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

    IVF#2 FET 9/24, Beta #1 10/3...

    My Blog: http://theunfixableme.blogspot.com/

  • We were very lucky and got pregnant with IVF#1.  DH and I are both 31.  We didn't have any embies to freeze and did a 3dt of two, 7 cell embies. I think shared risk is a good idea, and we would have considered it, had we been OOP.  GL!    
    Aug 11 - Nov11: IUI #1,2,3 & 4 BFN
    Jan 12: IVF #1 - BFP!
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  • DrRxDrRx member

    We were lucky that our insurance has up to $10k lifetime limit of infertility treatment (drugs are also covered separately up to 10k lifetime limit), so our first IVF was covered.  Any other FETs or IVFs or other infertility treatment will be OOP.  We were fortunate enough for it to work on the first time, as well as have 6 embryos of high enough quality to be frozen.

    GL with whatever you decide! 

    TTC Since July 2008.
    Me: PCOS DH: Low everything (MFI)
    Clomid with TI x 3 2010 BFN
    Clomid+IUI+Ovidrel 2010 BFN
    IVF w/ICSI #1 2011
    9/8/11 Beta #1: 2082!! 9/19/11 Beta#2 34,689!! U/S 9/22/11 HR 127! 11/8/11 HR 150! 12/6/11 HR 136! 12/14/11 HR 139! Born at 26w2d on 2/4/2012! After 83 days in the NICU, Adalyn came home on 4/26/12!
    FET 1 3/2013 BFN
    FET 2 5/2013 BFN
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  • I am 4 mos older than DH. 31 @ conception, 32 now. I definitely recommend a shared risk program.We "only" had a mfi diagnosis, but look at my siggy to see how much we had to go through-4 fresh 1 froZen cycle!!Good luck!

    Wedding Fall 2007 Off OCP's since 9/08-started with BBT charts Saw Ob/gyn May 2009 Blood work normal except single copy of MTHFR Clomid 50mg May 2009 Clomid 50mg + IUI June 2009 Femara 5mg + IUI July 2009 Normal HSG July 2009 Femara 5mg + ovidrel+IUI August 2009 Femara 5mg +ovidrel + IUI September 2009 November 2009-normal lap December 2009-met with RE December/January-Injectible med cycle with IUI-Abnormal sperm morpology found-only 0-1% normal All Head defects. Jan/Feb 2010 1st IVF with ICSI-5 week chemical pregnancy :( Feb 2010-male infertility doc says DH's anatomy and blood work are normal so nothing he can do. :( FET July 2010-BFP! Twin m/c @ 5.5 wks :( Dec/Jan 2011 IVF #2 Only 4 eggs retrieved-Ganirelix dose messed up BFFN Feb/March 2011 IVF #3 ER 3/9 9 eggs, 7 fertilized, ET 3/14, No frosties. BFN IVF #4 ER 8/22 9R,7F ET 8/25-3 embies, 1 frostie! Beta 9/2= 54, 9/6=274, 9/8=625, 9/12=2953, 9/16 greater than 10,000. B/G TWINS born April 2012 @ 36wks & 1 day! July 2014-going back for the frozen embryo! ET 7/28, heartbeat seen at 6wks1day with SCH. Miscarriage confirmed at 6wks4days

  • We were OOP on everything IVF except for some of the meds were covered by insurance.  It was really hard to write that big check when RE gave us only 20% chance of IVF being successful.

    I couldn't qualify for the shared risk program since my AMH wasn't high enough (they wanted it at 1.5 and mine was .92)  I would have done that, though, since there would be more chances.  I did do fertility acupuncture for months beforehand as well as having the acu at the clinic for treatment right before and right after the ET.  I truly believe that really upped my chances as it relaxed me so much.  My acu also said that fertility acu at time of IVF increases success rates from 20% to 40% so take that as you will.  RE also recommended acu, too.

    We were successful with first IVF.  I was 37 in January (time of IVF), now 38.  Success with twins and we put two eggs back in.  My dx was DOR.  Resting follies were seven.  My body did not respond to the meds that suppress ovulation, so I Oed and "lost" four eggs the day before ER and only two eggs were retrieved.  Those odds were pretty damn lucky to get two eggs and have twins result out of the IVF. 

    Good luck on your decision!!!

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  • We are both 35, and were lucky to get pregnant with our first IVF. We ended up with four frosties. The day of my transfer my doctor told us our chances were 50/50, the flip of a coin.

    TTC since October 2009
    2 failed IUIs with Clomid
    IVF #1, ER 10/29/2011
    ET 11/3/2011
    One embryo transferred, four frozen
    11/12/2011, BFP, 11/13/2011, BFP, 11/14/2011, BFP
    First Beta 11/14/2011, 499
    Second Beta 11/16/2011, 893
    Third Beta 11/18/2011, 1510

    Lost my dear husband, October 3, 2012. You are the bear of my heart dear, and nothing can take that away.

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  • Hi there,

    I'm 38 (Dx: unexplained IF) and I got pregnant with IVF #1.  [I had BPF last yr with IUI but that ended in m/c, see my siggy for details.]  On my ER I had 19 eggs, 12 fertilized, however only 2 were good enough for transfer and 1 extra embryo got frozen.  But in any case, you only need one good embryo!  GL with your decision!

    TTC since 10/2008  RE consult 6/2010 Dx:Unexplaied IF

    Failed multiple cycles of Clomid+TI and Clomid+IUI

    3/2011 inj+IUI #1 BFP. 4/2011 missed m/c. 

    Fall 2011 inj+IUI #2&3 BFN

    Jan/Feb 2012 IVF#1 BFP 2/23  EDD 10/31/2012 ~~~ Halloween ~~~

    Our IVF miracle, Baby Boy M, arrived on 11/8/2012!
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  • I'm so sorry you're out of pocket. It is a huge deal, and one that you can't take lightly, that's for sure!

    We got pregnant on our first IVF (I'm 28). We had 8 eggs and ended up with 1 baby (from transferring 2) and 2 frozen blasts. 

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