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Underweight LO?

DS only weighs 17 lbs, 5oz.  Our pedi wants to recheck in 6 weeks.  How concerned should I be?

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Re: Underweight LO?

  • My LO is almost 10 months and weighs 14.5 lbs.  Granted, he was an IUGR preemie, but not every baby is meant to be big or average sized.  My LO would have been about 6 lbs had the pregnancy made it full term.  My Pedi is concerned with growth rate vs. numbers.  Many babies go through active phases and don't gain much, also.  I wouldn't worry.  I know it's hard, but try to just focus on your LO getting lots of good nutrition and it will all work out. 
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    Has your LO been consistent with staying around the same percentile, or has he dropped percentiles? My LO is holding the bottom 10% but she was always tiny. And if your LO recently became more mobile that may explain part of it. I would not worry too much
  • I try to remember that in order for it to be an average, 50% of the people have to be above it and 50% have to be under it. If LO is consistent in his percentile, I wouldn't worry. He probably is moving around so much that he loses weigh. DS dropped weight at his 9 month check but the ped thought it was because of crawling, pulling himself up on things and general playing all the time.
  • Has your LO had a drastic change in growth percentile? It's more important that they stick to their growth curve than that they are a certain weight. DD2 is only 12th% for weight, but we're not worried because she's always been small - never made it above the 18th% in the last 6 months. As long as your LO is eating well, active and meeting milestones, I would not be too concerned.
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    My DD is 17 lbs. (just reached this weight) and I'm sure won't gain that much more in the next month. It took her forever to get to this weight. She hovered around 16 lbs. for quite sometime. My pedi hasn't been concerned. Is your LO taking in enough calories? How active is your LO?
  • Has he been consistently on the smaller side or did he not gain much weight since his last visit?  Why is the pedi concerned now at 13 months old?

    DS has been consistenly in the 3rd percentile since he was 2 months old.  We have gone for weight checks in addition to his regular well baby appointments since then and he has stayed on the same curve.  His pedi isn't concerned as long as he stays on the curve.  He is currently about 15 1/2 lbs.  Every baby is different and unless he falls below his usual curve or isn't gaining then I wouldn't be concerned. 

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  • Is he meeting milestones and seemingly healthy?  If he is, I wouldn't worry at all.  My DD is small, she was in the 1.5 percentile at 9 months (14 lbs 10 oz) from the 7th percentile at 6 months (13 lbs 10 oz) and per pedi wasn't really concerned-I say "not really" because when I asked if it was a concern she said "well if she stops gaining or drops more, we will look into it more".  DD is happy, healthy, sleeps through the night and has hit her milestones. 

    I make sure to feed her plenty of table foods on top of her BM and WCM.  I give her lot of the higher calorie "good fat" foods.

     I am betting DD weighs about 16 lbs right now at 11m3days.

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  • Thank you all for the great advice! DS has been underweight since 6 months of age, this is the first time the pedi has been concerned.  He is now even further below the less than 3rd percentile.  He is VERY active and has a sporatic appetite.  He has gained one pound since his nine month appointment.  I will monitor, more closely, his calorie intake and the types and amounts of foods he takes in.  OW, he seems perfectly healthy, within his curves for height and head circumference and meeting his milestones.  I am such a worrywart!!!
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