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waking in the middle of the night?

Does anyone else's DC wake in the middle of the night. We are going on week three of my usual great sleeper waking during the night.   She comes over to our room and we ahve to escort her back to her bed and lay with her til she falls asleep....last night it took over an hour. She just laid there with her eyes open.
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Re: waking in the middle of the night?

  • My son was doing this.  I watched the "sleep lady" blog.  I talked with him the day/night before told him I spoke with the sleep lady and she said that he was a big boy and should be sleeping in his own bed all night long now if he came into mommies room I would just put him back to bed and leave.  The 1st night he slept the whole way through.  The next night he woke up I took him by the hand and led him back to his room - he asked me to lay down and sing to him I said no I would see him in the morning.  He has been doing well. He had a major regression on the 5th night and woke up 5 times (sleep lady said this would happen).  Next night once then slept through the next 2 nights. She said it would take about 2 weeks.

    Good luck.


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  • My daughter gets up every night around 2am- comes in our room and sleeps on the floor! Yes she would rather sleep on the floor with her pillow then in her nice bed! I have talked to the pedi about this because she has terrible congestion- she is getting tubes again and having her adnoids taken out next month- he said it could be seperation anxiety- it could be that she's walking up because she's stuffed up- but he wants to wait until after her surgery to see if that helps it. Once shes in our room she sleeps great.

    It's so annoying! She goes to bed with no issues, and sleeps from 8pm to about 2am- then up- comes in our room and goes right back to sleep! I don't get it!

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  • my son has never slept through the night. Ive got nothing.
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  • DS did this too about the same time. We just started telling him that he can't bang on our door until the sun come up and showed him where he could see around the blinds if the sun was up. We also left a couple books in his room to read if he woke up early. He has been great since then and has only gotten up when he's been scared by a storm or had a nightmare, and even with the nightmare he stayed in his bed and cried til we came in. I hope you find something that works for you too!
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