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1st Diaper rash

I haven't had to deal with this in a while and previous creams haven't worked well.  What is your remedy for a bad diaper rash?

Re: 1st Diaper rash

  • i slather on Baby Aquaphor at every change is by the next day its almost gone
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  • If it's really bad with blistering, I used 3 days of Hydrocortizone creme 1X per day, and Nystatin (Rx) 4X per day. (per the pedi)

    Otherwise, I wipe front and back (even if just wet), then DRY, then apply Desitin or other creme.  It's important to dry the area before applying the cream because if you don't, the cream actually keeps the moisture in, rather than locking it out.

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  • Thanks ladies.  I was able to find my recipe!
  • DS has only had diaper rash once and we used a wet wash cloth only to wipe and made sure he air dried completely, then applied A&D ointment. It cleared up in no time.

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  • When Ellie has open sores due to diaper rash we switch from Desitin to Aquafor or vaseline. It doesn't sting like Desitin can.

    Lots of naked time or cloth diaper time with a loose prefold to get some air.

     I've used the Aveeno bath soak but it says not to drink and Ellie chews and tries to drink from her bath cups so we don't use that anymore.

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  • The 2 times my LO had a diaper rash corn starch baby powder and letting her hang out with out a diaper for a few hours helped. I only used the creams at night to protect her skin because they didn't help relieve the rash at all.
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