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Letters of Support

We are approaching our daughters third birthday...yeah, transition time. 
I'm in the process of trying to give my daughter the best fighting chance (undiagnosed, with Sensory Modulation Disorder) at receiving services.  If I had to choose which service I want/would be most beneficial for her I would say PSN. 

I guess I would like your thoughts on if...and who I should get letters of support from in order to help her get services...our psych and (sensory) OT have included that she would greatly benefit from PSN and/or DD Case Mgmt.  (thinking also family doctor, Pediatric Neuro)...
along with who...is there any suggested wording that you would use. 

 Here is a little background if it helps any:

PSN - Chaos was initially denied PSN based on her (medically based therapy reviews)...we requested and were granted that the school district do it's own evaluation, which we are in the process of.  This is consisting of her doing a shortened morning (2 hours/day) PSN trial for two weeks (which is also where/when they are doing their evals) and they will also be observing her at her current daycare center. 

Developmental Disability Case Mgmt. - just waiting for determination, they're looking to see what we hear back from pediatric neuro at an appointment just before the determination meeting. 

Thank you for your help, assistance, thoughts, etc. it's greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Letters of Support

  • Honestly, I had to google it. How is it that it is undiagnosed? If a professional with letters after their name will not diagnose your child with having it, then it is sort of like they don't *really* have it. I think the school system will feel this way as well. I am not questioning your diagnosis at all, I am just reacting and thinking of this from the POV of the people you will need to convince.

    I understand you wanting the correct diagnosis for your child but sometimes you may need to tweak what you are "calling it" for your audience. Is there any reason why you cannot call it SPD or ADHD?  It seems like the educational system has a limited number of boxes they can check and that it is easier for them to be on board with something that matches their check boxes. I have heard that sometimes there is funding they can get associated with those check boxes.....

    If "Need" drives services verses a DX, then in a perfect world, letters of support should not be necessary. The school district's evaluations should be enough. It is nice to have the letters and outside opinions, but it is my understanding that the school is only required to provide services based on their own evaluations of your child's needs.

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  • She has the SPD (Sensory Modulation Disorder) Diagnosis...but it's not a DSM IV or medically recognized disorder...not a disorder that will get her services...

    She has something else...according to (nearly) everyone (Dr.s, therapists) we talk it...that's what I meant by undiagnosed....sorry...

    mostly I'm looking at letters of support and wording of those letters to best get her services...sorry that I wasnt't very clear

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  • Maybe it would be helpful to get a letter of support from an educator?

    Every profession has its own vocabulary and ways of explaining things that are subtle yet can speak volumes to the "insider". The less things the school has too "look up" or Google in your letters, the better.

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  • image -auntie-:

    Need drives services. Having a dx that is one of the official classifications under IDEA or included in the DSM does not automatically determine service eligibility.

    I agree with this, however I also think there is some value to the district already being familiar with a diagnosis. There is less explaining a parent has to do regarding how their child presents and how this effects services.

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    You best bet is to point out specific incidents where impairment and delays impact her in the classroom setting. Even better if you can back it up with notes or emails for current preschool teachers.

    I agree with this totally.

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