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Pregnancy kits.

I just found out I was pregnant this morning! :))))))))))))

We are beyond excited, we have been trying for a few months.

I went to our on post clinic this morning to get the pregnancy kit!

Does anyone know how long they take to get you to an OBGYN? 

I feel like I need to go right away. :/ I don't want to wait to long.

I'm going to get pre-natals today, just in case.  

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Re: Pregnancy kits.

  • Standard of care per the ACOG is to have your first appointment with an OB/GYN between 10 and 12 weeks. Before that all they could do is give you another pregnancy test and say congratulations. 

    What makes you feel like you have to go in right away? 

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  • imagemeltoine:

    Standard of care per the ACOG is to have your first appointment with an OB/GYN between 10 and 12 weeks. Before that all they could do is give you another pregnancy test and say congratulations. 

    What makes you feel like you have to go in right away? 

    This, I wasn't seen until 10 weeks but some drs will put in an order for prenatals upon seeing a positive blood or urine test. If not you can get some over the counter to hold you over. Congrats! 

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  • First off congrats!  As far as pregnancy results, I found out about 3 hours after I took the test, I already knew because I had taken a HPT too but the base has to confirm it.

    As for prenatal visits, It depends on the practice/base, the hospital at the base I go to does their "first doctor" visit between 8-12 weeks in which they do an u/s for dating purposes.  Before that I had one appt. to meet with a nurse to go over my family history and basic paperwork.  I also chose to attend a class the hospital does once a month for new moms, they provide really give information about free classes on base and out in town.

    I was already on prenatals as we were ttc for 7 months so I didn't need to be given that.  I also agree with PP about getting some over the counter if they don't give you a prescription right away.  To be honest in 1st tri I was soooooooo freaking sick from m/s I couldn't swallow those horse pills so I bought some flinstone sour gummies and took those for a while.

    Again congrats!

  • Thank you everyone!!! :)) I am so excited.

    I've already gone and bought pre-natals and DHA, ahaha
    I don't know why I feel like I should be seen right away, I just do. I'm a planner. Plus I REALLY liked to be informed and stay on top of things. This is our first child, we've been trying for a while, I just don't want anything to go wrong.

    We are at Fort Drum, NY.

    They gave me the pregnancy kit to bring back tomorrow morning. I was just curious as to when they would give me a referral. I am very early along, according to my last period I am about 4 1/2 weeks. But it's catching on at home pregnancy test, so I'm not worried about them not being able to see it.

    Back at home at my normal doctor, they would just give me a blood test and a referral right away.. So I'm not sure how this Army/tricare business is going to work.  

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  • Just my personal experience, I had an appt. at 8 weeks which I basically met with a nurse and she went over some info and they took blood and urine sample. Then at around 12 weeks I saw the OB and got our first ultrasound to date the pregnancy. Those weeks felt like torture because I really wanted to see my little bean but it was worth the wait! They want to wait until around 12 weeks because after that the risk of miscarriage goes down significantly. Congratulations and good luck!
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  • At Offutt we first have to attend a pregnancy class, which is only offered on Tuesday mornings.  After we attend that then we are allowed to schedule an appointment for when we are 8 weeks.  They don't want to see you before 8 weeks unless there is an emergency. 
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  • Here at Wright-Patterson AFB, we have to wait until 40 days after the last period before they will let you come in for a pee test to confirm pregnancy.  After that is confirmed, they'll schedule your first appointment for sometime around 8-10 weeks. 

    The wait for the first appointment is the worst but things start moving quickly after that.  GL!

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  • We are stationed at Kadena AB in Okinawa, Japan. And here is how it works at our base: Once you get a + on an HPT, you go in and have a blood test done to confirm the pregnancy. You are then refereed to the Women's Clinic on base. Once refereed to them, I had to take a 'Intro to Pregnancy' class with a bunch of other newly pregnant women. We got a bunch of info, filled out paperwork and met with a midwife/nurse to go over family history. At 10 weeks I was scheduled for a dating ultrasound and seen a doctor at 12 weeks. Our base the doctors will NOT see you til 12 weeks and after you have the dating ultrasound. After that you are seen about every 4 weeks (12w, 16w, 20w, etc). 

    Congrats on your pregnancy!  

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  • Early pregnancy is very anticlimactic because you can't feel anything, doctors can't really do much, and there are long stretches between appointments for normal (low risk) pregnancies.  Once they confirm your pregnancy you will probably be seen around 10 weeks (give or take 2 weeks).

    Honestly, just try to enjoy it one day at a time.  As a person who sees doctors at least once per week throughout pregnancy, I would encourage you not to worry.  Being low risk is a blessing.  Nothing about being seen early will help your pregnancy one way or another.  Unfortunately, the first trimester is just one of those times where all you can really do is take your PNVs and read up on healthy eating in pregnancy.


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  • Thank you! :)

    Wellll, I'm guessing since I found out so soon, It wasn't enough hcg to give me a positive on their test? Which makes nooooooo sense. I called to today to get my results from my kit and they told me it was negative, after I told them I had taken (at that time) 5 test, all of which have been positive, they told me to get with my doctor and get a blood test. Which is what I wanted to do all along but they told me I had to go the other route.

    After hearing that news I cried for like 40 minutes and got sent home from work. On my way home I stopped and got 4 more boxes of different test, peed in a cup, and tried them all. They ALL came back positive. But I can really see the difference between the first day I found out and today. So i'm almost 100% sure it was just a low hcg level. Plus they wouldn't even do it while I was there? which didn't make sense either, it takes a minute? But that's neither here nor there.

    So now I finally got them to give me an appointment on monday to get my blood taken. I will be bringing every positive test I have. hahaha

    They are going to think I am a crazy person. 

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  • I'm at naval medical center portsmouth. I did a urine pregnancy test and got prenatals through my PCM at 5 weeks along with referral to ob. I had to go to the mandatory (albeit pointless) nurse class at 10 weeks and I saw ob finally at 11 weeks. I am a planner too and the wait was long but honestly there's not much to do at an early appointment. Try to take your prenatals, get rest and exercise, and eat as healthy as you can tolerate.
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