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Need iPod app rec

Looking for educational apps for DS. He is still in pre-k, he turned 5 in December. He is doing double digit math at school using manipulatives but not carrying over yet. He is reading at end of Kindergarten level but I honestly do not know his comprehension level. And being that he is still in pre-k figuring out how to play games is still a work in progress. 

I know I can search online but I get a million suggestions so I am hoping for suggestions here. Thanks.  

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Re: Need iPod app rec

  • We like the Teach Me apps (we have K and 1st grade for my K'ers) and Timmy's Kindergarten Adventure. We also have Super Why, Clifford, Word Girl, Preschool Memory match (all of which they played in PK - but now deem "to babyish." Sigh.) :)
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  • I don't know about iPod apps, but my kids really like the website Primary Games.  There are a TON of games on there.  Some are more fun than academic; some are really like online worksheets, some are really intelligent/interesting problem-solving games.


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