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Allergy to Powder Formula? - Long Post

So I don't post no the board very often but I am not finding out much information about this - The other day we decided to introduce baby food to our DS.  He had been eating Oatmeal cereal for a few weeks and loves it so we wanted to start with some veggies.  We decided to try Green beans first thinking it was a pretty safe food.  Our routing is ~4:00 PM BM bottle, ~5:15 food then ~7:00 PM Formula bottle (i don't produce enough milk and need to give DS 1 bottle of formula a day - we have been using the same formula for about 1 month now - Enfamil powder).  Well the first night of the Green beans he broke out with a rash around his mouth - this happened at the same time he got his formula bottle. We thought Green beans was an odd allergy so maybe something was just off.  We tried Green beans again the next night and same thing - when we gave him his last bottle of the night he broke out with a rash.  Our thinking was Green bean allergy and Dr said this was likely it (however very odd allergy).  So last night we decided to try sweet potatoes.  So DS got sweet potatoes around 5:30 and i kept an eye on his face while we were playing - his face seemed fine so we went up to start our bedtime routine.  As soon as I started his formula bottle he got very fussy and within 1 minute the rash was on his face again!  So hubby and I decided to throw out that bottle and just give him BM instead (i had some in the freezer) - he immediately took that bottle better and his face rash cleared up within minutes.

So today I spoke with the Pedi and she said that he could have an allergy to the powder formula.  She wants me to try the RTF formula tonight.  She told me that the powder formula has Corn in it which he could be allergic too.  This seems a little odd to me since we had been giving him the powder formula for almost a month now but she said the allergy could develop after this amount of time.  So tonight we are only going to give him Oatmeal for dinner and give him the RTF formula for his night bottle. 

My question is has anyone else had an issue like this?  I think I consume Corn in my diet but he doesn't seem affected by the BM - I'm just so confused.  I'm hoping that by eliminating the powder formula things go better but does this mean he will never be able to consume corn?  Doesn't baby food have corn in it?  I have so much running through my mind - I guess I just need to take things 1 at a time but if anyone has any experience with this, will you please share it.


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Re: Allergy to Powder Formula? - Long Post

  • I would probably suspect a milk allergy rather than a corn allergy as I would think that a corn allergy would be extremely rare. If he still breaks out after using the RTF I would try another type of formula such as soy or Alimentum or Nutramigen. You have to try to new formulas for over 1 week to make sure that they are tolerating it. My son has milk allergy but he didn't break out in a rash; he had eczema.He also didn't tolerate the soy so he is on Nutramigen now.
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  • Yes, a milk allergy could show up after all this time (it happened to my best friend's son) BUT you said it has only happened after eating green beans and sweet potatoes, not with other bottles.  I would be much more inclined to think he has a coincidental allergy to both green beans and sweet potatoes, honestly.  If a milk protein allergy is showing up after a month of use I would guess it would be showing up more frequently than after 1 bottle a day, kwim?

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  • FWIW, my DD can't use powder formula either. She's fine with the concentrate or RTF. Any we use soy formula.
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