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those who tested w/ Wondfo please come in :)

For those of you who used wondfo tests when testing for your BFP (congrats by the way!) did any of ya'll have several days of VERY faint positives? I mean super faint!

I'm 12 DPO (probably even less - not exactly sure) and I have been getting the faintest of lines on my Wondfo tests after they dry for a little bit. I know you're not supposed to let them dry - but I've read that sometimes this is the best way for these tests when it's so early to see if there's a line. This has been happening for 3 days now....

I figured I would see if anyone saw really faint lines for a few days and it turn out to be a true BFP in the end:) I have tested with FRER and they're negative by the way.

Thanks so much!

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Re: those who tested w/ Wondfo please come in :)

  • Mine were VERY faint from 9 DPO until 15 DPO or so (honestly so faint I'm not even sure if they were positive at all!)... I will say I did get a faint positive at 9 DPO and a very dark positive at 10 DPO on FRER. The wondfos were terrible ! 
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  • I only had one really faint one.  The rest were very definite positives.  But I also used first morning urine.  I believe this helped with seeing the line.  I say a line is a line, so congrats!

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  • I got a very faint positive at 9dpo. It got progressively darker and now at 19dpo(please don't judge me for still testing lol) it is very dark and has been quite dark for the past 4 days or so. GL!
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    I only had one really faint one.  The rest were very definite positives.  But I also used first morning urine.  I believe this helped with seeing the line.  I say a line is a line, so congrats!


    I had one faint one and the rest got darker as I tested - Daiz, I definitely tested until like, 17DPO =P the last Wondfo, the second line showed up within 20 seconds, and then at 5 minutes was as dark as the test line!

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  • I first tested at 11 DPO and got a faint positive.  Each subsequent day has been darker than the one before.  Good luck!

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  • Mine was super faint at 9 DPO (like so faint I didn't realize it was positive until I saw a line on my 10 DPO and compared).  In fact, I don't think they were obviously dark til 15 DPO and not as dark as the control until 23 DPO.  Still managed a positive on a FRER and digi at 10 DPO though.


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  • I got faint wondfos at 12 DPO and i wasnt sure if the line was there or not so I sprung my digital and got a positive. I had my confirmation appointment with a blood test and Im definitely pregnant. HTH!
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  • I tested negative until 11 DPO, then it was the faintest of lines (and developed at 6 minutes). By 12 DPO, the line developed sooner but was still really faint. It did show up on a FRER though.
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  • Mine was really faint from 8 dpo to 10 dpo then slowly progressed to a very dark line around 15 dpo. I got a positive on a digi at 9dpo though.
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  • I'm 13dpo today, have been testing since 8dpo, and they've all been super faint. The FRERs have gotten darker, though, and the CBE Digital says pregnant.
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  • My first 3 were super faint, but everyday they would get a little darker.  How long are you waiting before you see the line?  If its ten minutes I don't think that's an evap line..I always assumed some sort of evaporation would have to happen to have an evap line and ten minutes is hardly long enough.  As long as hours aren't going by before you see a positive I would say a line is a line:)
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