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Possible IC? Cerclage recommended? Decided not to and success?

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 Were you diagnosed with having a possible incompetent cervix (uncertain) and given the option of getting a cerclage in which you opted not to have it and successfully carried through your entire pregnancy?


Please tell me about it.

 Thank you.

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Re: Possible IC? Cerclage recommended? Decided not to and success?

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    I don't have any real experience with this, except that my friend has IC.. and I went to the hospital with her to have her cerclage done.. What are the possible risks of having it done? I can't imagine they'd be worse than NOT having it done..

    When my friend had it we were in and out of the hospital in a few hours, she was crampy for the day.. but it certainly was worth it. Her first pg went to 33 weeks and she was on bedrest for most of it.. and her 2nd pg with the cerclage went to 38 (and probably could have gone longer, but she had to have a scheduled c-section). With my very limited experience, I can't see why you WOULDN'T do it..

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    I would say if this was happening to me I'd have the cerclage b/c I would be too scared not to.  For me the risk of preterm labor and losing my babies would make me want to just get the cerclage to be safe. 
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    I did have a incompetnt cervix with my first set of twins and lost them at 22 weeks. With my twins I have now I had the stitch put in at 14 weeks. I'm very very glad that I did. I know I would have lost these little ones too if I didn't have it done.
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