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DH has the baby itch

So last Saturday was DS' 3rd bday. On Friday DH and I were having dinner and he said it is time to TTC #2. A few days before we were watching TV and there was a newborn and the newborn grabbed onto the parent's finger DH got all awe remember that and how great that is. The he was joking around last night how he was going to make a baby slide show to get me in the baby mood.

 I want to have another baby I just need DH to work up the numbers to see if we can afford #2. I know DH's solution would be for me to quite my job however I don't want to and if we can space it where we only have one bad year of 2 in daycare I would be up for that.

Just wonder if anyone else is in this predictament with a DH with the baby itch.

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Re: DH has the baby itch

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