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I withheld my son's 1st DX to the current assessment team

My DS had his first of two appts. for the new evaluation we are having done at the U of MN.  They had requested a copy of the previous Dx, but I didn't provide it- not yet at least.  

I am really looking for some unbiased, thoughtful answers to some of my son's issues and I feel like if they read that old Dx as they begin this process, than by act of being a human being, they will have a tainted view of what is going on. 

I know they are going to push me for this, but I sortof don't want to give it to them.

What do you think? 

Re: I withheld my son's 1st DX to the current assessment team

  • I think I know where you're coming from.  I think I might do the same thing if I had the opportunity to have someone look at DS for the 1st time.  I don't know how they'd react if you simply just told them that you would prefer their opinion not be influenced in any way by a prior dx.  

    Sorry I'm not more helpful.  Good luck! 

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  • My son went through a similar evaluation with several previous dx... severe Apraxia, fine motor delay, SPD and lastly ADHD. I shared all of this with the Dr. I think it actually helped him put all of the pieces together actually for the PDD dx. I understand wanting to withhold , but I think it may be more beneficial to share it.
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  • While I do think they are top-notch, I also think it's a natural, unconscious by-product to consider too much what another has said.  I will tell them straight out- I am not trying to hide anything, I just want their own conclusions.  They already know he was dx ADHD, what more would they NEED to know from that eval?
  • That makes sense Auntie...

    I should clarify, I did not provide the eval done two years ago by the psycologist, but I did include the school spec ed eval done last year- with all the IQ stuff, and various measure- including the OT assessment and the speech pathologist's stuff. 

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