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Tall Maternity/Black Work Slacks?

I'm really tall and I hate shopping for pants during the best of times.  But maternity pants?  Kill me now.

I have one pair of maternity jeans from Old Navy from my first pregnancy and a Bella Band but I need more.  I would really like to get a few pairs of dressy-ish black pants for work but I'm reluctant to spend more than $50 per pair.  $30 would be dreamy.

The Gap and Old Navy in the downtown mall (in San Diego) have a maternity section but what other stores can I go to?  Also, has anyone shopped The Gap/Old Navy Maternity Online?  It says that I can't return things to the store.  Is that true or could I return/exchange to the maternity department?

Any other stores that I should check out for tall, black, work pants?

Re: Tall Maternity/Black Work Slacks?

  • Do you guys have any used clothing/consignment stores down there?  I found a few pairs at Me N Moms and Value Village.  Mine are on loan right now, otherwise I would send them to you.  My mom bought me a few nice pairs at Motherhood.  
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  • Oh try JC Penney!
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