The phone call in the morning is so stressful! — The Bump

The phone call in the morning is so stressful!

When the phone rang at 8:30 this morning & I saw it was from the IVF department, my heart skipped a beat.  I don't know if I can handle these phone calls every morning for the next 4 days.  I'm not looking forward to it even though I want to know the progress.
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Re: The phone call in the morning is so stressful!

  • Wow you get daily updates. I only got one and that was it. Talk about a long 2 days until transfer!
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  • Are you waiting for transfer?  Ugh, that wait is torture!

    Hang in there, it will be here soon and then you get another torturous wait, hopefully followed by several other waits after a BFP!

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  • I am so hopeful for you and I pray that this is an easy time for you. I know how much this cycle means to you. Good luck and by the way was the update good?
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