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Toddler Bike Shorts

DD still fit the bloomers last summer but now I need shorts for under her dresses. I can only find them online, has anyone seen them in stores. 

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  • I ordered some for my girls from Old Navy Online but they might have them in stores - I never looked as I was already placing an online order.
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  • Target, in the girls section (not the toddler/baby section - the 'big' girl section, as DD calls it). The XS fits my three and a half year old really well.
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  • I bought some at Fred Meyer, their Kids Korner brand.

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  • jcpenney had some
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    Ditto Target.

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  • Walmart has a lot in a bunch of different colors for cheap.
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  • Penney's had them last year...
  • Last year I got them at Walmart (Garanimals brand), JCP, and some outfits came with them at Target.

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