New (-ish) to the board - introduction. — The Bump

New (-ish) to the board - introduction.

Good morning everyone! I am writing today to introduce myself, or well really re-introduce myself. DH and I had TTTC for years and years with no success, and about 14 months ago started doing a little research on adoption locally (we actually visited our first agency on Valentine's Day 2011). We've since been doing some off and on research and now today, for a variety of reasons, sort of slapped me on the butt and said "get on with it woman!"

We are re-starting our research, and I have gone and read the FAQ at the top of the board (thank you for all that great information). I am going to re-read "The Complete Idiots Guide to Adoption" starting this evening.

I think we're looking at the International adoption route, but are still doing some research on what countries interest us. Right now, we are both interested in the programs in Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines. But of course are open to other countries.

So, that's about it for me. I'll be visiting this board more frequently now. I want to wish everyone good luck on their journey, and I look forward to starting our journey along with you! Thanks!


SAIF/PAIF absolutely ALWAYS welcome to respond!

Re: New (-ish) to the board - introduction.

  • Welcome!  I hope things move very quickly and smoothly for you.  Smile

    Me: 32, DH: 45... TTC #1 since May 2010
    July - Nov 2011: Testing with OB... OB said everything looks good
    March - Sept 2012: Moved to RE.. 4 treatment cycles - responses of one or no follicles
    09.03.12: Diagnosed Poor Ovarian Response.. DE IVF only option
    Feb - Nov 2012: Pursued Adoption. That door slammed shut.
    12.23.12: Surprise BFP (first ever)... 12.25 - 12.31: Natural M/C
  • welcome!! i hope you stick around- a lot of great girls on here :-)

    we are also doing IA... adopting from Korea! Our son is almost 17 months old...and should be coming home hopefully before he is 2.

     we are working with Holt International Children's services- and i can highly recommend them! their main office is in oregon, but they have a few smaller offices in different states. They have been GREAT! there are a lot of changes going on with the korea program right now, and Holt has been awesome at keeping us all as "in the loop" as they can. we get weekly e-mails from them, about the program status. even if they have no new info, they still just email us to keep in touch.

      I'mexcited to adopt from the beautiful country of korea... but not sure I would recommend starting the process right now. they korean government is making a lot of changes right now- they want to try to encourage more Koreans to adopt the kids, rather than placing them internationally (which is a GREAT thing!)... so its changing the international adoption process a lot. we got matched with our son back in August, and have been watching him grow up in pictures because the government is dragging out paperwork. :-( so, thats not something i would recommend to anybody (we didn't know it would be like this when we started the process)

      I think you are on the right track- first, do research on the different countries and their programs, and then start looking at agencies that have programs there.

      Theres not too many IA girls on here, so feel free to post back, or PM me.. or, email me at lil_mis1 at

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  • Welcome!
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