Pregnant after a Loss

i whipped my boob out....

2x in the middle of a crowded park & i didn't even blink. I'm proud of me & my boobs.

Re: i whipped my boob out....

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    Go Crazy!! Yes
    Mom to Annabelle (Aug. '06), Aaron (Apr. '09) and Eleanor (Jan. '12)
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    I think I did that once in college...  I might still have the beads.
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    Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?  I'm so over any inhibitions about the boob.
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    you go with your bad boob self!
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    Hey.. do what you gotta do.

     Pre-baby I was a "hey.. it's not that hard to cover up" person.

    Now I"m like "Don't like my boob? GO THE HELL AWAY" person.

    1) it actually IS hard to cover up. I have huge boobs. One hand manages the boob. The other hand manages the baby. If I'm lucky.

    2) It's a boob, people. Everyone spends all their time trying to see them, then when they do, they're offended.

    3) Boobs are not sex organs. Just because sometimes some people derive sexual pleasure from them doesn't make them sex organs. I dated a dude who got off on feet. I am still allowed to walk barefoot.


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