Pregnant after a Loss



Would you believe that this is me and NoVa?  We'd like to cheer you up with a specially choreographed dance routine (remember, NoVa is a professional dancer).

Re: *May*

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    Ain't gone hurt nobody we just dancin ya'll
    Ain't gone hurt nobody out there on the floor
    Ain't gone hurt nobody we just dancin ain't we
    Ain't gone hurt nobody gonna give you more
    o yeah yeah


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    I don't think it worked.  Crying 
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    I'm hoping its because she and cuppa are curled up on the couch playing "you poke, I kick" before heading to bed.  We'll do our dance for her tomorrow if you don't go into labor from your walk first.
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    Maybe I'll skip the walk and just rehearse all morning so I'll be sure to wow her with my mad dancing skillz.

     Good night!

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    thanks ladies.  i felt like such a pathetic fool last night.  so, i got off the nest and decided to just go to bed. 

    today i'll immerse myself in cleaning.  woo freaking hoo.  please keep me posted on how these walks go.  i want and expect all details of progressing labor.

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