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question re: charting to avoid

hi girls!  I am in the very beginning stages of charting, and will be doing so to avoid pregnancy (for a year or two).

I thought of something but have not been able to find an answer: during non-fertile times, is it ok for my husband to ejaculate inside me?  I am sure it's a dumb question, but if anyone knows the answer you ladies do!

FYI: TCOYF should arrive at my house any day and yes, we're using condoms until I get the hang of charting.  Thanks!

Re: question re: charting to avoid

  • If you're not fertile, his sperm won't have anything to fertilize. I think there's a 3-day rule in TCOYF, but I'm not sure. GL.
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  • TCOYF answers this more, good, any day you'll have a better answer :-P


    As someone who is charting to avoid, I'll say that what lines you draw is going to vary by how big a deal it is to get PG.  If it was a *huge* deal to accidentally get knocked up right now, I'd say "no, not OK to ejac. in me ever".  But...since it's a little more flexible than that, we follow the basic rules in TCOYF.


    which are:

    1-first 5 days rule--safe the first 5 days of your cycle IF you had a shift 12 to 16 days before.  (and day 1 of the cycle = first day of period)

    2-Dry day rule--Before ovulation, safe on the evening of every dry day.(there are details about what entails 'dry' in the book)

    (I don't use this one because my CM is schitzophrenic)

    3-Temp shift rule --Safe the evening of the 3rd consecutive day the temp is above the coverline (which makes it post ovulation)

    4-peak day rule-safe the evening of the 4th consecutive day after yoiur peak day

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  • imagekdodge423:
    It's not like they are going to hang out for 20 days or something.

     Haha, true. 

     And as far as how horrible an accidentaly pregnancy would be: not too bad, as long as it's after the vacation we have planned in Dec, and I don't see myself being comfortable enough charting then.

     Thanks for the helpful answers!

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