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bored and lonely...

...Happy Halloween GP!


DH left earlier today to go to San Diego, so it's just me and the puppy and the kitty! I'm kind of bored, and lonely. I can't wait for the trick or treaters to come along and give me some entertainment!

 That made me think of how fun it's going to be to go trick or treating once we have kids!

 How is everyone else's evening going?

Re: bored and lonely...

  • I wish I could send you my leftover Halloween candy!  I think we're done trick-or-treating here.  It's been fun, though.  I love the cute costumes.  I've been by myself this evening since DH is working, but he'll be home later tonight.
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  • Happy Halloween!  Hope you get lots of trick or treaters.  If you're bored you should test the candy.  You never know if it's gone bad...that's what I tell myself anyway.
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  • I'm a fall out 3 widow lately.  My DH has been playing the game in all of his spare time.  We've only have a few T&Ters, but I can't help hope that we have a little baby to dress up next year.  This weekend is also DH's reserve weekend so I'll be alone all day while he's doing his duty.


    How's the party coming BFPB? 

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  • I only had a knock on my door twice....So I put some of the good stuff away for DH and I and then when I saw the neighbors kids coming back towards their house, I went outside and gave them all the rest of the candy so we wont be tempted with it all in the house.  I bought 10 bags!
  • Hi ladies!

     Yeah, having this much candy in the house is VERY dangerous! It's 6:30 here and I haven't gotten any T&T's yet... I went all out this year since we just bought our house and we have lots of kids in the neighborhood. Last year we lived in an apartment complex and we got no T&T's! I was bummed...

     Party planning is coming along BFPB! Since he's gone until Monday evening, I can get some major planning and organizing done!

  • We have only had one tricker treater;o(  I thought we would have more since we finally have a real house.  I was so excited ;o(
  • Eeeee! I just got like 10 T&T's!!! All at once... Hahaha they were so cute!
  • I'm with you on the bored/lonely train...DH is on a 72 hour shift (EMT) and won't be home 'till tomorrow morning.  It is just me, the dog and the 2 cats, but I think they miss him as much as I do so they are no help. Wink

     Mooeta! We are kindred video/computer games widows...if he was here, that is. I have often thought that there should be support groups for our kind.



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