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My babies are good listeners

I have not been able to hear them on my doppler the past few days, they must have been hiding.  But of course it was also making me very nervous.  So I told them, please babies move around so mommy can hear both of you.  We went to listen for them on the doppler and heard 2 heartbeats, they were in 2 different spots so I'm guessing it was 2 different heartbeats.  Thanks for being such good listeners babies!  Mommy feels so much better now! Big Smile

Re: My babies are good listeners

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    YAY for 2 hbs! Mine spends some time on one side where I can hear it's galloping hb great and then some time on the other where I think it's behind the placenta and I only get a soft wooshing hb. I'm going to ask the u/s tech to point to where things are on the outside of my stomach this next time so I can get an idea of the spatial relation.
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    Aww. That is awesome. I am glad they listened to their momma. FWIW.. i think you are having two girls. :)
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    YAY! I wish my one listened that well and would stop making me so sick. hehe :-)
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