Pregnant after a Loss

DH got a new job!!!!

YAY! Dh's work has been royally screwing him on hours. Not to mention it's an hour away and the pay blows. Well today he got a new one (actually it's the one I TOLD him to go for in the first place, but did he listen to me? no.). It's just a dinky call center job, BUT he'll have mornings off to go to school, Tuesday's off (which will be good for when baby comes), paid sick leave (something he's never had before). AND BEST OF ALL it's literally 2 minutes from our house and he'll be making more than I do!!!!!

I wept with joy. Things have been TOUGH financially for the last 6 months on baisically only my income. I'm really looking forward to recovering, getting debt paid down, and not bickering about $$$ so darn much!

Praise the LORD!!! We sure have a lot to be thankful for this year.

Re: DH got a new job!!!!

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