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GD diet--movie theater popcorn--yes or no?

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes about 2 1/2 weeks ago and I haven't had one high number yet.  I'm so proud of myself! 

I'm planning on going to the movies with some friends and I'm trying to plan ahead for wanting to snack during the movie.  I know that I'm allowed to have 3 cups of microwave popcorn for one carb serving.  Does anyone know if the movie theater popcorn is the same?  I was thinking about smuggling in a baggie of microwave popcorn, but there's just something about that movie theater popcorn!  I looked up the nutritional facts on the movie theater's website and it says that one cup of the popcorn is 5g. of carbs which would mean it's the same as the microwave kind.  I just wondered if anyone has eaten it and can tell me how your numbers were afterward.   

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Re: GD diet--movie theater popcorn--yes or no?

  • I would think it would have the same amount of carbs, but just way more fat because it's popped in oil/drenched with fake butter.
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  • I have T1, so I really dont know about GD but I can tell you I always have high sugar after movie popcorn and Im not sure why but maybe I end up eating more than I planned. 
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  • If I have comparable amounts to the microwave stuff, it seems to be okay. Actually just went to the movies today and had a lower number than I expected and was happily surprised. Popcorn happens to just treat me really well in general, though.
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    I would think it would have the same amount of carbs, but just way more fat because it's popped in oil/drenched with fake butter.

     With the high fat content in the oil/butter, you may see a delayed high..  Otherwise, enjoy!!

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  • Actually movie theater popcorn has more carbs than what we eat at home aka microwave popcorn. I went to see the movie The Lorax recently and I looked up the movie theater's popcorn. For a small bag it was like 60 carbs...It all depends on if you get the butter or not. I did because I don't normally eat popcorn and I don't normally go to the movies anyways so it was a treat and I took enough insulin to compensate.
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  • I say everything in moderation.  I have GD and I recently went to a movie and pigged out on movie theater popcorn.  My sugar was on the high side of normal when I tested 2 hours later

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  • I actually wrestled with this same question this past weekend when I went to see The Hunger Games. I went ahead & just got the small popcorn and probably ate about half of it.  I went to a matinee so didn't test my sugar until that evening after dinner and my number was good so I guess it didn't affect me too badly:) I figured as long as I didn't devour the whole thing it couldn't be that bad and I stick to my GD diet religiously so a treat wouldn't hurt.
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