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Did you ever see my page a few days back?

I was asking if DH was wearing a kilt in your siggy...the jacket looks like a prince charlie. We are Scottish (wedding pics in bio)

Re: velvetflip,

  • Hi, I did write back to you that day and yes he is wearing a kilt. ?He's Scottish too...moved here from Glasgow! ?Where are you from? ?I have to look at your pics's a few more of ours with kilt in full view!






  • HA! Takes one to know one, lol...

    We are in Washington DC and very active in the Scottish community here. I am a highland dancer with the Washington Scottish Pipe Band and DH very active in St. Andrew's Society, DC chapter!


    Looks like I have very few pics in my bio and they are tiny! I dont have any on this computer...BOO!

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  • What part of Scotland are you from? ?Where did you get the "My Daddy Wears A Kilt" onesie? ?I have to get one!

    The priest that married us was the chaplain of the NY St. Andrew's Society. ?My husband has been thinking of getting involved with them.?

  • My family from the Loch Ness region (Grant) but my other clans are Wallace, Clark & Donnachie, DH is Clan Donnachie.

    Sadly, I am going to bed!


    So glad we made the connection!

  • We're Frasers!

    Have a good night!?

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