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Blueyed228 (Common Thread Related)

I sent the package out today, sorry it is a couple days later than I had planned! You should get it in a couple days :)

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Trying for a baby since 4/10

DX: Infertile 6/11 Me: LPD, all other blood work clear.
DH: low sperm motility,low count.
Met with RE start clomid + TI + IUI 5/12= IUI cancelled due to positive Cystic Fibrosis carrier test. DH tested Neg. for Cystic Fibrosis,

6/12 Clomid + TI +IUI=BFN 8/10 IVF consult.
IVF #1 Started BCP 9/2 Lupron 10/11 stims 10/27 ER 11/6!! 5 eggs retreived only 1 mature. FERT report shows none made it.Cancelled cycle.

IVF #2 BCP 11/18 Lupron 12/14

Stims start 12/29 ER 1/8 ET 1/11 put in 1 grade B and 1 grade C. Beta: 1/20 = BFN

IVF# 3 7/13 BFP ended in chemical pregnancy

9/15 diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance gearing up for IVF# 4 Dec/ Jan

Everyone Welcome!

Re: Blueyed228 (Common Thread Related)

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    Great!  Thanks :)

    DX: PCOS/Recurrent losses/MTHFR mutation (compound hetero)
    5 hysteroscopies/2 surgical
    3 Inject IUIs = 2 m/c's and 1 BFN
    IVF #1= BFP. m/c at 7w6d. Needed 2 D&C's and scar tissue removal. Mild OHSS
    IVF #2 = BFP. Severe OHSS. 4 Drainings. TWINS!
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