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FREAKING Out. NAR- Adult Decisions.

So trying to keep a long story short- DH worked in a treasury department for 5+ years through college.  He wasn't going anywhere and the industry we were (I still am) in became volatile with DOE changes (for profit education).  So when his company offered a voluntary RIF shortly after DD came home- he took it and was on severance home with DD for a while.  In November her took a contract job where he still remains (they love him and keep extending his contract).  He's happy there but we'd both like him to have FT work with benefits so I can move to being a SAHM.

His boss has said they'll be opening a position in his dept soon (he's a financial analyst) but they don't know when and that he'd likely keep extending his contract until then.  BUT when the position opens (and still if) preference is given to internal candidates and they lost a contract which eans they've been shuffling a lot of employees on that contract- so DH may not even get to apply and then his contract would also be over.

Yesterday he got a call from a smaller company (but a fortune 500 company) that found his resume online and called him for an interview this morning.  He met with many people including the CFO who he'd work for.  They love him and want him to start yesterday.

The pay is the same and while the benefits aren't terrible (especially given the size of the company) they are more then we pay now for my benefits which we'd lose if I left obviously.

So- does he take the job?  Or hold our with hope?  Yesterday I was so stressed about it (getting E out of day care and having DH have a full time non-contract job that I was vomiting- and then this job appears).  Ugh I hate being an adult with adult decisions!  They do not offer IF coverage in their benefits, or adoption assistance, but we'd like to wait 2-3 years for another LO so it may or may not matter.

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  • If it was me, I'd take the job with benefits, especially with the volatility you describing with the current company.

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  • Can he ask his current job for a potential date for the permanent position and let them know that he'd love to work there but has to do what's best for his family?

    Doesn't hurt to ask - especially when he's got a sure gig waiting in the wings.  

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  • Does he have any room to negotiate?  You could use the adoption assistance and/or IF as negotiating power to see if they'd bump his salary slightly to help soften the loss of those benefits.

    All in all, if it were us, I'd have him maket he move.  It sounds like there's too much uncertainty about the other position (internal candidates vs him) to pass up an opportunity.



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