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NBR: Do any of you use Oil Burners?

I love to use my oil burners because the smell up the house quickly. However, I'm finding that the scent is so strong that it gives me a headache and I have to blow the candle out.

Am I doing something wrong? Am I supposed to dilute the oil some how? Does anyone know the secret?

Re: NBR: Do any of you use Oil Burners?

  • I use the oils from the Body Shop, and I put mostly water and just 5 or 6 drops of the oil.  Maybe try that and see if it helps.
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  • I use Scentsy warmers throughout my house. They are awesome!  You just plug it in the wall and put in a wax cube and it makes the house smell wonderful, but not overpowering.  I am such an addict that I just started selling it myself to help pay for my upcoming IVF.  Check out my website if you're curious.


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