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Poor DD

My poor DD has not gone to the bathroom since Monday. I called the pedi and she said that is normal with her age, 6 weeks. That they conserve more and it just takes longer to digest. I know she's having pain. She lets out a lot of gas, but no poo. I'm about to give her a suppository. Have any of you done this to your DC before or anything else to make them go?


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  • I have with Ridge but he was like 10 months when I gave him his first.

    Have you tried stimulating with a rectal thermometer?  Sometimes it helps and gives them the "directional" location they need to push.  Or even rubbing her belly after a warm bath and doing her legs like a bicycle?  There are lots of tips on the internet.

    Hope she feels better soon! 

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  • I did the thermometer the other night and yesterday morning, nothing. I give her a warm bath every night, and rubbed her belly. I did the bicycle this afternoon and she did let out a bunch of gas and has been all night, but still no poop.
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  • kepkep member
    Poor girl--I hope she has a poopie diaper soon! I am a big chicken when it comes to stuff like that.
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  • Aww so sorry.  yep this will happen and it is normal.  What we found works best is tummy massage - like circular motions clockwise and then sweeping motions downward on the tummy.  usually works like clockwork (no pun intended).
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