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About to lose my cool!!!

GRRRR....I'm freaking furious with DH right now. See I have a Halloween party to go to by 8, as you can see its probably 8 right now and I'm still at home. Dh didn't want to go but changed his mind. Told me his last patient was at 6:15 and that he would bring dinner home (thats what I understood at least). Well....I've been calling him and thought OMIGOD what if something happened to him and was out the door when my phone rings....I let him have it cuz it was well over 730 and he hadn't called me. He blames his new phone and tells me he order dinner for HIMSELF! That he told me to get something because I was so hungry at 4 when we last talked!!!! I want to scream!! I'm having trouble controlling my emotions. This is ridiculous!!!! Sorry thanks for the vent...I'm sure it didn't make much sense.
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Re: About to lose my cool!!!

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    I'm sorry. He will soon learn not to mess with the pg wife emotions!
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    Sorry! :( He sounds like my husband! He called me two hours ago saying he was on his way home to help me clean up before his parents arrive for the weekend and he still isn't home (and hasn't called either)! They should be here any minute so I am NOT HAPPY right now! MEN...!!! Ugh...

    I hope your night gets better!!

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    He will soon learn that you never leave a pg wife to fend for herself when it comes to food. DH now knows that he always gets me something when he picks up food for himself even if I'm on my own :) Hopefully you get plenty to eat at the party.
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