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bassinet/cradle pad

are sooo thin and hard! The girl I am borrowing it from said she put a pillow ontop of the pad, but for some reason I don't think you should do that. What did you do?

Re: bassinet/cradle pad

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    I agree.  My bassinet is also borrowed (in great condition!) but I find the mattress thin and hard too.  I don't think Baby will mind.  I have a soft, clean sheet on it - what more can Baby ask for?  Crib mattresses should be firm, right?  Same for a bassinet I guess.  If Baby doesn't like sleeping there, I guess he will be in his crib sooner that I thought!
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    Ours is pretty firm, but not so bad I would think it would be uncomfortable but for SIDS prevention, that is the "right" thing to do.  I couldn't imagine putting a PILLOW in the bassinet, that is WAY too soft. 
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