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***AllieKat33, Manatee, BradsMissA**

Hey girls it is so good to have cycle buddies. I am on bcps now and doing  the flare up protocol:

Lupron 4 times a day- then adding menapour and gonal -f

Depending on my response my RE is Thanksgiving and then a 3 day transfer. I am soooo excited to see all four of us around the same time. What is everyone else's protocol? good luck!

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  • Hey there,

    I hope you don't mind me jumping in. I'm starting BCP's tomorrow for my 1st IVF cycle. Think I will be on the same kind of schedule. Starting Lupron around Nov. 14 and then gonal-f. Probably ER around Thanksgiving also. Good luck to everyone!! Really hoping this is it:)

  • That is so great. I do not share my IF issues with my family so I am always up for support on the nest boards! Good luck, I am right there with you I am on day 4 of bcps and I start lupron on11/12 if b/w and sono are ok. Welcome to the Nov IVF gang!
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  • Yay, I just started BCPs on Tuesday, start stims on 11/17 and hopefully ER 11/26. 

    Let's all hope we have something to be REALLY thankful for this year.  :)

    IVF w/ ICSI #2 - fraternal twins born December 2010 at 36 weeks.
  • Totally inserting myself again even though I am ?Nov. FET

    Good luck to us all!!!!!!?

    After 3 1/2 LONG years, 3 miscarriages, 2 IVFs and 2 FETs... we have been blessed with a beautiful boy!

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  • I'm on the long protocol and started Lupron this morning.  One shot down, lots to go! :)  My estimated Stim start is Nov 14th so far. I think I'll be doing 3 Gonal-F and 1 Repronex at that point. GL all!

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