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OPKs, LH, FSH, and PCOS (aka All the "Fun" Acronyms)

So, I have a few questions since I am A) just now trying to conceive B) suspecting I have PCOS (and am working on that) and C) was wondering what the fellow PCOS ladies can tell me about their experience and how it stacks up to mine (while of course keeping in mind that no two people are the same, etc etc etc.).

Back to the "A)": my husband and I are trying to conceive and just started this month (I'm in the two [or maybe four due to my irregular periods] week wait right now). So, yay! That's all about that.

 B): I suspect I have PCOS because of my irregular periods, some errant facial hair, and my bodies amazing ability to gain weight. I have actually lost 40 pounds in the last year but have found that getting past where my bodies set point is has been difficult. It is possible but maybe just more difficult than the average person? Anyway, this brings me to my "C)" point because I actually got my FSH and LH numbers back and they were, to my surprise, completely normal. My doc mentioned that a glucose tolerance test and sonogram could be ordered to ensure that we were in the clear but it still doesn't account for the weird symptomology I have. I was wondering if any of you had normal LH and FSH but were still diagnosed with PCOS? I feel it's worth it to go the extra steps since I am now TTC (as of this month!) and have personal doubts about the results. I know that there are other issues that I could have but my doc and I had discussed this one in length.

In addition to this question about PCOS I have a question about OPKs. Since my LH and FSH are normal, are these reliable? My periods range anywhere from 35 to 50 days apart but consistently come. Posted below are from my cycle this month; you'll notice that the first is negative and the second definitely becomes positive. I tested several times during that fertile time at different times of the day and I feel like the positive was positive. I was just wondering if any PCOS ladies were having luck with this or what they think about what I have presented.

Thanks so much for your feedback. And I want to note that I didn't feel comfortable posting this in the TTC boards and felt like I'd have a little more understanding and knowledge from the TTTC boards. I promise that future issues will be posted in the TTC boards. Here's to you getting your little miracles!

Day 12ish OPK 


Days 17 & 18 OPK



Again, thank you for any info you can send my way! :)


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Re: OPKs, LH, FSH, and PCOS (aka All the "Fun" Acronyms)

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    I don't have PCOS so hopefully some of the PCOS ladies will chime in here but I have always heard that OPKS are not reliable with PCOS.  GL 

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    Good Luck!! Hope it all works out and you don't have any trouble TTC! 

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    A - That is exciting - congrats on making that decision and lots of luck to you!

    B - My FSH and LH are normal too. However, I have very irregular periods (35-92 days) and have had numerous u/s where they find a ton of cysts. I don't have any other symptoms. My OB diagnosed PCOS, but RE said he is not 100% sure of that due to normal testosterone, FSH and LH. I responded terribly to Clomid, but many people respond very well to it. Metformin has helped quite a bit. Everyone's  plan is different depending on how they respond to various treatments, but my next step is to do Injections and IUI most likely. I encourage you to find a good RE and to not do procedures with your OB.

    C - OPKs. For some they are unreliable. For me they are reliable to let me know when I am having my LH surge, but because of my ovulation issues, sometimes I don't pop off an egg even though I got the surge. I highly suggest you start temping in addition to the OPKs. This really helped me to see whether I actually ovulated after getting the +OPK. Once/if you start treatments, they will also be doing u/s monitoring and b/w, which will help confirm ovulation too.

    Best wishes and good luck!

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    I want to add that many of the women on here use Wondfo's OPKs that you can get on Amazon. They are much cheaper than First Response OPKs. I personally don't like to leave things up to interpretation though and analyzing lines, so I use the CBE digitial OPKs because I either get a smiley or I don't....very simple. Since my cycles are long, I get the one with 20 test sticks.
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    For PCOS, I have found this site full of great info: I second temping. You can learn so much from it. Have you had a thyroid panel done recently? Good luck!

    PAIF/SAIF welcome
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    Thank you all for the responses!

    RRL2012 - thank you for sharing your experience! I haven't told my doc and midwife that we are trying. We sort of just started trying this last couple of weeks, lol. I am going to schedule a meeting with my midwife to see what kind of tests she'd like to run and if she has an RE that she likes. I'm so lucky to be able to have midwifery care throughout well woman and pregnancy care! And, thank you for the OPK tips. I found some on but the ones you are referencing are even cheaper. Thanks SO much :).
    Jerem2911 - I had general blood work done that included the thyroid...I'm not sure how encompassing that is but I'll add it to the list of questions! Thanks so much. And, thanks for the web site info!
    And, to the rest of you ladies: good luck and thanks! It's so hard to be in the dark/be frustrated with your illuminated the way a little bit more!
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    I use OPK's with PCOS but sometimes I will get +'s and then not O. My body gears up to O and then doesn't until later. I will get the + when I am first gearing up to O and then later when I actually O.
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    Personally, I would chart a few cycles to see if you're Oing. Any testing that is good from a health standpoint (IR, thyroid, etc) should be done, but there's no need for infertility testing on the basis of a few PCOS symptoms alone. (You don't want to bill insurance for expensive tests if they may be unnecessary as well as take up appointments with REs).

    Plenty of women with PCOS can get pregnant without intervention, it just depends whether you're Oing on your own. Good luck!

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