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I am going back to the doctor for my 6 week check up a week from today. We will be discussing what I want to do in terms of birth control. My doctor has recommended Mirena. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Mirena.

Before we decided to start trying for children I was on the pill. I always thought I would go back on the pill but Mirena seems so easy. Just wondering if anyone has any insight.

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Re: Birth Control

  • I had my 6 week check up 2 weeks ago and i decided to go with mirena. I just got it put in friday. The reason I went with it was because it is a one time deal and my insurance paid for it and of course because it is pretty effective. But in the long run i know i will be happy with it cause you ever have to think about it :)
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  • You might want to see if your insurance covers it or what your out of pocket will be. I was going to get it until I found out my insurance only pays 50% of it. Which means I would have to come up with  $500 right now for it. I can't afford that after just having a baby.
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  • I had mine put in yesterday.  I was on the pill before too, but there's just no thinking about, with my insurance, I paid $5.00.  You can't beat that!


    It didn't hurt at all being put in (although my o.b said some people really mind it), and I've had some cramping that's eased off since yesterday. 

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  • I just got my second Mirena. I had a horrible experience getting the first one inserted, so this time I got a shot of Toradol half an hour before.  Insertion this time was fairly easy, I had about 20-minutes of intense cramping but that's it.  With the first Mirena I had no periods after the first few months & removal was painless.  Let me know if you have any questions :)
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  • I got the mirena after I had DD1.  It was a horrific experience!  I knew going into it what all the side effects were, but my OB told me that most people don't experience them that badly.  After the first couple days of cramping (not so bad) I began what I thought was a period.  I had heavy bleeding and also light spotting off and on for several weeks.  My OB offered to remove it but also told me that she had had a similar experience herself.  Her bleeding had stoppe after a couple months.  Since my insurance doesn't cover any birth control I had paid almost $700 dollars for it and decided to wait it out a while longer. I gave it another couple months of continued and fairly consistent bleeding before I threw in the towel and had it removed.  I know these were more extreme effects than what most women experience but I think it's good to know about the possibilities.  On a side note, hubby could feel the string/wire during sex after I first got it so I went back in to have it trimmed shorter which did the trick!

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  • I had the Mirena put in at 6 weeks with my DD and had it removed about 6 weeks later.  It made me crazy!!!  Extreme depression and anxiety set in after it was placed and went away very quickly when it was removed.  My DH could also feel the string and it was a very sharp poke to him.  He wouldn't come near me.  When I went in begging for antidepressant drugs and bawling to the Dr. about how my marriage was awful and my MIL was the devil she offered to remove the Mirena and see if it helped.  It was placed very low in my uterus and wasn't working properly.  I would have tried it again after this baby but DH got the big snip snip.
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  • I had the Mirena put in a month ago.. I had cramping and spotting for 2 days and then what looked like a heavy period for about 2 weeks.. I've been spotting on and off ever since.  My midwife told me to wait a few more weeks before deciding to remove it.  I don't mind the sporadic spotting though.  It gives me an excuse not to have sex though, which still hurts like crazy (I had a massive tear during delivery).  If I don't stop bleeding after 3 months of having it in, I'm getting it removed and will try the ParaGard.  I like the idea of not having to remember to take something everyday or change things once a month, or getting shots...

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