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PCOS and Femara

Hey friends,

I'm pretty new to the TTC game. My husband and I have been trying since October. I was diagnosed with PCOS with no ovulation in January. I started seeing a RE and am set to start Femara this cycle.

I've seen a million posts all over the Internet about sucess and not-so-much-sucess stories with Femara, but none of them looked very recent.

Just wondering: Have any of you been on Femara? How sucessful was it? How many cycles did you have to go through? What questions should I be asking my doctor?

Thanks, gals!!

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Re: PCOS and Femara

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    Hello.. I am a fellow PCOSer! Not much advice but can tell you where I am! I have been TTC for over a 15 months now. I just started with a new RE in January and this is my 2nd month of Femerra. Took 2.5 MG a day day 3-7 last cycle and did timed intercourse with obviously no success. I took 5 MG this month same days. Today is day 13 and my CD 12 ultrasound I did not have good enough follicles so I'm going back in Thursday to check.. 


    Good luck... 

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    We just did our first IUI cycle w/ femara. I'm in the 2ww and won't know if it worked until Thursday I next week. Good luck though. 
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    Success isn't tied to pregnancy with these medications but with ovulation. They are ovulations drugs so if they make you ovulate then you are successful. I took 2.5 mg for 2 cycles. The first cycle I grew 2 nice follies and ovulated but it was still weak. Next cycle I added a trigger but again ovulation was still weak. That may have been due to my apparent ovarian cancer though. No one on this board is pregnant so you're not going to hear about it getting you pregnant but can get some feedback about ovulation. Glad to hear you're seeing an re. That is the right move. 
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    As Pulga said, success is measured from ovulation and not pregnancy. When this is the case Femara has been successful with me. I have ovulated both times, it has been semi week. My RE does consider this a success though. Becoming pregnant may be due to other factors.

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    Thank you all for the info and input.

    I'm pretty anxious about my first cycle on Femara. I'm already SO emotional about the PCOS diagnosis in general. I really don't know how I'll react if I have to go through this process for more than a few months. I'm losing sleep over it and I haven't even really started yet.

    On the plus side, one of my coworkers is seeing the same RE I am. She got pregnant on the first cycle, but she was also prescribed injectibles. I was a little disappointed when I found out I wan't getting the needles! Ha!

    I also met a couple in the RE's waiting room that said they tried Clomid, Femara, AND the injectibles with times intercourse, but ended up only being sucessful with IUI.

    At this point I feel like I'm just collecting other peoples' stories. I just want to start already! And maybe take a Valium...

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