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Mei Tai or Ring Sling?

I have a Baby K'Tan for the newborn phase, and we are planning on getting a Beco Butterfly. Would it be useful to have either a ring sling or a Baby Hawk as well? If so which do you think would be better to complement the other carriers?
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Re: Mei Tai or Ring Sling?

  • I'd get the ring sling if you've already got a 2-shouldered carrier. I really like the sling for quick in-and-out trips. I keep it in the car.
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  • I would get a sling. I have a beco, moby, babyhawk, and hotsling (BH and hs are loaners from a friend) and I love the hotsling; I imagin a nice ring sling is 100x better. I havent used the beco with my infant yet; we use it for our 2.5 year old, but I like the Mai tai because it's cooler for us... The beco would be the same, if I used it with him. Either would be nice but I'd go with the sling.
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  • I have a bjorn and a Mei Tai, DD HATES both! But she is loving her ring sling, we got the Maya Wrap. It's getting quicker and easier the more I use it (I've only had it for a week)... DD really likes the kangaroo carry (even though it says to wait until 6months, but she has good head control), we're still working on the nursing in it and the craddle carry... she isn't liking either but I'm hoping the more we practice the more used to it and accepting of it she will be!

    I would get a ring sling... the butterfly and mei tai can't be used facing outward until you can put them on your back and as for my DD she has to be able to look around or she freaks out, that's why the Mei Tai didn't work for her.

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