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Tricare for Reserve???

Does any one know how tricare works for a reservist?

My BIL is in the Army stationed in San Jose, CA, and he is looking to go to the doc, when he called Tricare they told him it was going to cost him $150, and he is Tricare Reserve Select, (not Prime or Standard like for AD) So I am wondering if this sounds normal? Or maybe they are giving hom some bad information?

I know I have had my share of trouble with Tricare before, so I just wanted to be sure! He is asking for my help as I have been married to his Navy brother for 6 years but I am clueless for what a reservist needs...

Thank you for your help!!! :o)

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Re: Tricare for Reserve???

  • Wait, he has Tricare Reserve Select? Or is going to get it?

    Here's the cost share, so depending on what he's being seen for, that's probably where they got the $150.

    Type of Provider

    Outpatient Cost Share

    Inpatient Cost Share


    15% of the negotiated rate

    $17.05 per day ($25 minimum charge)


    20% of the TRICARE allowable charge

    $17.05 per day ($25 minimum charge)






    CJ 05/29/2013

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  • it depends on if hes on active orders or not for over 30 days. We used to have trs but we paid out of pocket for the insurance unless he was on orders.  
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  • If he is active right now, it should cost him nothing and he can be seen on base.

    If he is reserve status and only doing his one weekend a month thing, then yes - it will cost (when we had it for our whole family it was about $200 a month) and he can be seen off post by anyone in network.  It works similar to Tricare Standard as far as I know (we had Reserve Select for a couple of years, but DH is active ATM).  

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  • If he is close to a base and can be seen there it will cost him nothing, if he is out of region for a base, he will most likely have a co-pay. 
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  • It should be about $150 for the month for insurance. That is about what we pay. Then he should have a copay at the doc. 
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  • We have Tricare Reserve Select. For our family of 4 we pay 192 per month. Since we live no where near a military hospital we get to choose all of our own doctors. They don't pay the dr's very well, but you are not responsible for the difference. I sometimes have a copay, depending on where I go. It has never been more than 15 bucks.
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