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Inappropriate Joke at Work

OK, the IT guy just came into my office and told a joke to a couple of us that struck a nerve.


Q: Why couldn?t the witch have babies?

A: Because her husband had a hollow weenie.


It?s no big deal but I?m just not in the mood today.


Edit: I apologize for my original post title, knee jerk reaction on my part. 

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Re: Inappropriate Joke at Work

  • ha! what a dumb joke.


    sometimes people are stupid (like about 95% of the time) and don't realize or take in to consideration of what they say not knowing if anyone would take offense to it.


    Maybe I'm sensitive but I don't think any joke like that is amusing.  


    Knowing my smart ass and if I was moody (and knew him) my response would be something like "I don't think your woman would appreciate you making a joke about your situation"


    thats just me Devil 

  • that would royally p!ss me off!
    "I'm working on a dream" ~Bruce Springsteen
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  • It makes me laugh that you would write about an inappropriate joke with the title "OMFG" in it.  Do you not think the "F'n God" is inappropriate to Christians who may be on this board??

     You expect the world to be so understanding of your IF issues that they shouldn't make a simple, stupid joke but it's OK to use "OMFG" KNOWING there definitely has to be people who believe in and respect God.

    Think before you post.

  • I agree w/ Nikki..... I do find it offensive to use OMFG.  It's completely unneccessary and I believe it's totally offensive to anyone who believes in God.  I'm less offended by an innocent IF joke.  Most people should know not to offend someones believe be it God, Buddha, Mohommad, whoever.  F'n anyone just isn't right.
  • Just wanted to let you know - I'm a christian and i wasn't offended by the omfg. It's definitely slipped out of my mouth on more than one occasion :)
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