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Shooting a wedding, need help with ideas...

I'm shooting a wedding in the morning (Jody is my second shooter - yay)... I'm just curious what your favorite non-traditional pose that you've seen or that you had at your wedding was. I need to fill my head with ideas!

Got any suggestions? I have some, but would love to have many to pull from in case I have to contrive a moment!

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Re: Shooting a wedding, need help with ideas...

  • OOOOH, Dh did not see me before the wedding. ?At one point, he was standing outside and I was inside looking at him from behind the glass. ? He had no idea! ? It was a great shot. ??
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  • I have a few in my bio.
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  • We have a beautiful picture of my cousin (bride) and her sister (other cousin and MOH) putting shoes on the bride.

    Also, if there is a piano around, we have the best picture of my nephews (my ring bearers) playing on it.

  • a friend of ours also did not see each other before the wedding, but there was a pic of them holding hands.  i've seen this done a couple ways...

    1 - with a door between them or 2 - from the turn in a staircase (so a wall between then)

    i thought that was really cool.

    In ours - my fave picture is a random shot of just our hands.  we were holding hands during the ceremony.  it's b&w.

  • Let's see if this shows:

    1. "Dh running off with the BM"- Dh is holding the Best Man who is holding my flowers while me and my girls stand behind pissed off...

    2. Abby Lane... all the guys crossing the street (DH fave so far) I don't seem to have a copy of that one anywhere on here... but you know, it's the Beatles cover

     Ok, I found a pic of my publisher album with that pic in there:






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  • I loved this idea of a non-traditional wedding party photo.  The original I got the idea from was done in a formal living room set-up, but our hotel didn't have a great one.  I still love the pic though. 


  • I loved a pic from my wedding when the photographer got everyone at the reception together and took a huge group shot of everyone waving and yelling. It's a really great pic b/c everyone is in it...they also got very close up shots, like shoulders up, of us dancing, and those are some of my favorite shots. They also got close ups of my mom and sis putting my shoes and jewelry on, and I love those. Im sure you'll do great!!
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  • Here is a link to our photos.... I obviously liked them, lol.


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  • It's probably not too original anymore, but I really liked the one where the camera was either on the ground looking up at the entire bridal party or looking down on everyone from above, you know?  Or everyone standing at the bottom of a spiral staircase looking up, or all jumping in the air outside.  (We got none of these cool shots for our wedding 'cause there was a hurricane.  Yup, hurricane.)
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  • I put our professional wedding pictures and the pics I saved to show my photographer styles I liked in a snapfish group room for you, I hope it helps!:

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  • Maybe it's cheesy, but I loved our picture of us kissing under my veil. I also liked the one of us leaning against the church doors (one on each door) and holding hands across the entry way. And my other favorite is the one of him kissing my forehead as a sillohouette in the aisle with the doors open behind us. I know those are all probably done so commonly, but thought I'd throw my preference out there :)
  • Go to  He was my wedding photographer and does AMAZING work
  • Most amazing photographer for weddings:


    Let me know how it goes.  I have one on the 22nd.  I've had three more people ask me to shoot their weddings but I don't know if I feel comfortable or not doing it.  Plus one is in Greece ...YIKES. The only reason I agreed to do the one on the 22nd is because if I don't shoot it they won't have pictures.  So I'm not charging therefore, no pressure.  Right....

  • Here's another one: 

  • There is also a picture I love where at the end of the night everyone who was left gathered on the dance floor and we all waved goodbye. ?I just love it because its the end of the night and really all the people left were our closest, dearest friends. ? There is a series of these and in one, everyone is waving goodbye in the background and in the foreground, Nico and I are kissing.?
  • One of the coolest wedding pictures I've seen was of the bride and groom walking away from the photographer.  It was raining lightly, and the groom was holding the bride's dress up and carrying an umbrella over both of them.  Obviously, that one only works when it's raining.

    One of my favorite pictures from our wedding is one that the photographer snapped while trying to get people set up for an extended family shot.  Everybody's kind of looking around and talking and laughing casually.  There are a few more like that that were just candid moments.  My favorite picture of myself is one taken as I'm walking into the chapel -- the door is halfway open and I'm backlit and all glowy.

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  • kepkep member
    Have fun tomorrow--can't wait to see some of your faves on your blog!
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  • Oh and I wanted to add... for weddings, I like the more candid, emotional shots more than the obviously posed/staged pics.  Just take pics as the action happens.  I can't wait to see them - I know yall will be great!!!
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