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Describe your childhood home

What was it like? If you lived in more than one describe the one you liked the best or the one you lived in longer
Amanda and Mike~ 06/07/2008

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Re: Describe your childhood home

  • Had my own private bathroom. Loved.
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  • I had two. I think I lived in them for about the same amount of time. They were vastly different. The first was at a little lake community. It was a small, two bedroom that had a den converted into a third bedroom, which was mine. It was amazing, it had a fireplace, and it's own private exit, and was huge. My parents had a teeny tiny bedroom. I don't know why they let me have the big one, but they did, and I loved it.

    When we moved, we moved into a very typical house in a typical development. It is nice enough, but it didn't have the fun stuff like the other one. I did have my own bathroom, but that was because my brother used my parents' which I think is weird. It does have a killer pool though that I used a ton last year while pregnant and even after DD was born and I cannot wait to use with her this summer! Oh, and a really nice backyard that we actually used as our wedding reception site.  

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  • The home I lived in from when I was born til I was 7 was the coolest house ever. It was a big old farm house that had been moved into the city (we lived on the southside of Chicago til my brother graduated high school). It had a huge covered wrap around porch with a swing and one of my favorite memories from my childhood is sitting on that swing with my dad during thunderstorms. We would swing and watch the lightning and just the tips of my toes would get wet where the rain came in. Bc the house was so old it had some weird features too. Like the one and only bathroom was on one of the walls right in the middle of the kitchen.
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  • My parents are divorced, and I spent most of my time with my dad... He and my step-mom still live there. It is a 1600 sq/ft tri-level, white, w/ black trim and shudders. GIGANTIC yard (gawd, I hated mowing that thing as a teenager!), lots of rose bushes out front. It was on the small side for a family of 5, but it holds so many wonderful memories and the one word everyone uses to describe it over and over again is "cozy." And it really's very comfortable, and the type of house you feel at home in immediately. 

    My parents are toying with the idea of moving...and I will be so sad if they do. We all are so attached to it. 

  • We moved a lot when I was growing up.  (I am counting how many houses we lived in right now...hold on...)  Ten different houses/apartments.  That's in 5 different states, and 3 different countries.  The one we lived in longest....probably in Illinois.  My twin and I shared a room no matter where we lived.  I get the houses confused sometimes in my head. 

    My husband's family moved around a lot too.  We would like to stay put in one house for our kids....but we both love the adventure of new places so I doubt we will.

  • My parents have lived in the house I was raised in since 1975. They bought it as a ranch, and in 1987 they put a second level on it. The location is absolutely perfect - walking distance to the elementary school, a lake behind their house where I took swim lessons, parks nearby. It was a great place to grow up, and now take DD. The best part is that my best friend grew up right across the street, and her parents still live there, too. We now have DD's that are 12 days apart.

    I'm hoping we can stay in our house for the long run like I did growing up, and although I love our house its not in a great school district, so we'll see.


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  • We spent a few years in my dads 3 family home. I have many great memories going to the different  apartments. My grandfather lived in one and family friends in another. Then we moved to your typical single family split level. Eventually my parents finished the basement as an apartment for me. I loved it. 
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  • Lived in the same house until I got married. It's a split level. I had my own bedroom, which was pink and I finally painted it green 2 years ago, not long before I moved out. But now at least when we visit we aren't in this girly pink room. Best part of the house was the view. There was a nature preserve and a golf course behind the backyard. Nobody else in the area had a view quite like ours.
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  • Y parents are still in the same house they bought in 1973. It's a standard 1970's track housing in the suburbs of San Diego. The house is not much: standard two story, 4b/2.5bth home, but it's on a great piece of property, and on a clear day, you can see the ocean. It had a nice yard and nice pool. 

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