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Gaydopted baby needs your help

You may not know me, but a year ago, my husband and I adopted little Paige.  She's amazing.  But there is an evil little baby attempting to disgrace the entire adoption community by opposing her in the Nest Relationships Board March Madness Baby Competition.  This is a very serious issue that could affect us all.  Okay, it really could just affect my ego, but nobody wants that.

So if you wouldn't mind, go here:

And vote for Paige.  There's also a campaign video in the post if you'd like to see why you should vote for Paige.

Thank you for your time.


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Re: Gaydopted baby needs your help

  • You turd, you made me snort diet coke up my nose!  And I already voted for Paige, like this morning.
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  • CheleChele member
    LOL. Voted, good luck!
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