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Trick or Treating at 1 yr old...

When we take Kate trick or treating tonight, I don't really want to get the candy, just meet the neighbors. Would it be rude to say, "no candy, please. We just wanted to say hello."

Or should we just let them give her the candy? She does have a treat bag that matches her costume. I just know I'll be tempted if there's candy in the house. We already bought a ton to give out tonight that is calling my name. 

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Re: Trick or Treating at 1 yr old...

  • Let them give her candy and then either you or dh take it to work and put it in the break room tomorrow.
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  • I'd let them give her the candy. You don't HAVE to eat it (as I chomp the last of the candy I bought for tonight).
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  • We took Connor around last year, and tried not to get candy from folks. I was very surprised how insistent they were! I don't think rude to say no, but I also think they're trying to get rid of the candy, too:-).

    BTW, did you call that other daycare? Just curious.


  • Take it and you can throw it out later.

    How is it going? 

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