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TTC, Hello All!

Well, I just wanted to introduce myself to the Millitary Family community. Name is Rose and this is mine and my Hubby's first attempt at having a little one. We have been TTC since December. He is Military and I am a stay at home kinda gal, though I am looking at getting into some volunteer work on base or with the Red Cross or something like that.

 Hubby is coming up on deployment though no exact date has been given yet. I am gonna miss Him dearly and it will be hard on both of us but I feel we can get through this as long as we take it one day at a time and keep positive.

If any of you guys have some good tips or information about TTC, dealing with deployment and such, Im all ears and am new to this so all advice is welcome. 

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Re: TTC, Hello All!

  • I was in a similar situation as yourself. My hubby was going to be deployed and we don't have exact dates yet and we want to have a baby. We decided not to wait to try, even though it was possible he wouldn't be here for the birth. We got pregnant right way (we thought it would take a little long) and then he got word a week later he would be deploying this spring/summer. He won't be here for the birth and it breaks my heart but, we both agree, we wouldn't change a thing and we're excited. My advice is to talk to your hubby about him possibly not being there when your baby is born and how y'all would handle it. Who would be with you to help? Do you have family and friends that are willing to step in and be there for you? 

    I hope this has helped and good luck :) 

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