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Eating and Drinking - ADVICE NEEDED!


When did your dc start Stage 2 baby foods? My pedi says not to rush it - to start at 1 yr old. I just read the blog of a 9 month old who is eating spaghetti and drinking tea and eat cheese? Avery only eats stage 1 baby food twice a day and gets formula and a 4oz juice bottle for constipation.

Also, my pedi says to keep her on Enfacare (high calorie preemie formula like Neosure) even though the lid on the can says "for premature babies up to 9 months old" and she is 9 1/2 months.

 Is he giving me bad advice? What does/did your dc eat at 9 mos.

 Anyone still on preemie formula after 9 mos?

Thanks so much - I am BEGGING for your advice! :)

Re: Eating and Drinking - ADVICE NEEDED!

  • We haven't started solids yet.. but my doctor mentioned started Robbie on food at 4 months adjusted, so I've been doing some reading.

    This might be of interest to you:


    And I can't remember where I saw the article now, but I read an article somewhere in the last month that said that the research is supporting extra calories up to a year old to help preemies with their weight and such. How has your baby's weight gain been? I'd probably base it more on YOUR child's growth more than studies.


  • She was born at 2 lbs 2 oz and now weighs 15 lbs 12 oz. The pedi is please b/c term babies weight goes up 200% in the first year and hers is already up 700% in 9 mos. But she is still only 5th percentile. She's a tiny little thing.
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  • In general I think it's important to remember that preemies sometimes need extra time to do things so don't worry too much if one full term baby (or even another preemie) is doing things more advanced than your kiddo.

    Formula - Some GI docs prefer to leave preemies on that formula until age one.   They feel it provides added overall benefit and keeps weight gain on track.  My mom works with the head of GI at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital and he follows that rule.  

    Stage 2 food - Don't worry too much about age specifically.   How well does she do on the stage 1 food?   Does she swallow it okay?   Has she had any food allergies?    If she is doing well on stage 1 than I would think it would be okay to start stage 2.  I don't remember when we did for my son but I think it was before age 1.    Just like with the stage one food, start slow and see how she does.   Primarily stage 2 foods are just a bit thicker but offer mixed flavors for added interest.    If she seems interested in table food than you can offer soft foods in small pieces and see how she does.  

    I don't think that your pedi is giving "bad advice," he just sounds like he is being on the cautious side of things.   I usually listen to our doctors however if I think my kiddos are ready for the next step than I will ask or try certain things based on how they are doing.

    I hope that helps!

  • My DS was a 26 weeker.  He was on high-calorie formula until he was 8 months old.  We started solids at about 5-6 months old actual age and then progessed from there as he seemed to want to eat more solids.  My pedi wasn't really picky about when I started stage 2 or 3 foods.  At 9 months I know that my DS was eating baby food meat, i'm not sure what stage he was on though. 

    Are there food allergies in the family?  That is ofen a reason to delay foods.  I don't think that you need to sush, but I don't see any harm in moving up a stage in the foods for variety.  I know it's hard, but try not to compare your baby to what others are doing.  My DS wasn't too interested in table food and really didn't start it too much until about 15 months, and he still doesn't get tea to drink.  Each child is different and you have to do what works for yours.

    Kelly, Mom to Noah 8.27.05 (born at 26 weeks)
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