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Mah boy is tiiiiiiiiired...

Adi is passed out. He had quite an eventful day...we went shopping, he went on a playdate, then brought her home and went to the park down the street. The little girl is a year older than him and really adorable. She kept giving him hugs and she gave him one of her baby dolls...I gave him a bath and put him to bed. He was out like a light.

I had an interview for a new job today, that pays more than minimum wage. $12.50/hr plus full benefits. She said they will call for the second interview in the next week. It's a call center, and they are hiring 8-10 people. She said I have to look very professional for the second interview. I wore black pants and a white collared shirt for this one. We went and bought a new suit for me, blazer and matching skirt. Then I realized I didn't have shoes to go with it so I bought new shoes as well. I'm gonna look very professional! LOL...

It's been a great day...tomorrow I apartment search...

Re: Mah boy is tiiiiiiiiired...

  • Awww @ the playdate. Good luck at your interview!
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  • I'm sure he had a blast. Sounds like a great day.

     Good luck.

  • Yay, congratulations!!! And good luck on the interview. I am superstitious and want to tell you to take a few grains of salt before heading out, but its up to you. DH has an assessment and hopefully an interview today too.

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