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in case kep is ever not around, here is a website i love:

When I lived in Vienna I taught English for Executives for extra cash. ? I used this site A LOT and subscribed to her podcasts. ? You wouldn't know I love grammar by the way I type sometimes! ?I swear in a business setting I am more particular about it!?

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    Great site--I love grammar girl. I know what you mean--I bet a lot of my message-board friends are like, "You get paid to write and edit?" hahahha But yeah ... I am much more careful about my grammar when I am getting paid. I have gotten soft in my old age when it comes to personal correspondence. ?

    That is one reason I was hesitant to blog--because I thought a lot of my writing/editing peeps would be going over my entries, seeing all the typos, etc. But in the end, I just wanted to record stuff about Kate's life, etc. ?

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  • yeah, plus its hard for me to be proper when I am typing one-handed and bfing. ? I tend to type my sentences so they contain the fewest words which sometimes means - BAD GRAMMAR!?

  • Very cool. thanks for sharing. I need to be better!
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  • I love all the Quick and Dirty Tips Podcasts!
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