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Mothers Instinct or Qualified Doctor, Who's Best To Advise?

Well, it's been yet another week of illness in my household but of a different sort this time. I was called on Thursday from my son's Grammar school that he was very poorly. He had seen the onsite Doctor but was advised there was nothing wrong and just a genreal virus. When I picked him and took him home, I obsereved his illness and saw a couple of tell tale signs from when he was little. His record shows that 1) He had a consultant when he was a baby as he had a very low immune system which meant that any bug he contracted he would be prone to a febrile convulsion should a fever accompany the infection. 2) Because of this fact and the amount of antibiotics they threw at him he is now allergic to amoxycillin. 
So, as I was saying before I digressed there! I was looking at him and noticed the bright red ear and the extremely high non shifting fever. My instinct kicked in and I made another appointment for another Doctor close by to which I learned I had done the correct thing as he had full blown tonsilitis (as the Doctor called it "a mucas fest") and an ear infection and prescribed an alternative to amoxycillin straight away. It's now been 4 days and I'm glad I went for the second opinion, i dread to think what he'd be like now without it!

Re: Mothers Instinct or Qualified Doctor, Who's Best To Advise?

  • I ALWAYS go with my instinct. There is a reason women, and especially mother's have such strong instincts.
  • Yeah... when my DS got sick from what was ultimately diagnosed as celiac, it was because me and my pushing the issue that we got the diagnosis when we did.  The NP at our office kept telling me "it's a mono-like virus" over and over and over, but he wasn't getting better.

    So much wrong w/ the story to get into, but it was because of ME and my gut that something else was wrong that we found out when we did and he got the help he needed when he did. 


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