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So my ex was back to hacking this morning...but I changed all my accounts to have a text sent to my phone with a code when anyone tries to log in with an unknown device. I also am going to apply for a safety precaution on Adi's passport so that my ex can't apply for a new one in Adi's name and kidnap him to take him to India. ex's fb status this friend sent it to me...he's such a two faced loser...

?3/8 - It was Women's day. One of biggest decision I took at the very last moment to change the course of events. Had she not been sitting right outside the court house, had there been no fleeting glance, things could have been very different. I gave the only woman who I had loved, what she wanted and just gave it all. Change, it is like a river you cannot stop...She needs to stop obsessing and on.

She thought I lost it all and she won, yet she barely understood
The strength, the pain and the tears behind it all...
She barely understood that I did it for her,
Not to fight or to prove anything anymore,
but to just let it go...

I could see the joy she felt, the greed in her eyes,
she thought she won it all, yet she barely understood,
I did it to end the conflict once and for all...

But I think she will never understand, she will never know,
But atleast I hope she finds her peace now...

Re: Hmmm...

  • You need to tell your friend to stop sending you his fb status.  You do not need to know and shouldn't care what he's talking about.  I do think it's a good idea to apply for the safety precaution on the passport.
  • Agreed with the above.

    Your ex is the King of Manipulation.  Even if you are asking to see his status that means that means he still has a bit of a hold over you.  He's writing this stuff in hopes that someone will see it and tell you about it. 


  • I did not ask to see it, my friend just sent it to me...but anyway, I'm not going to let him have any hold over me anymore. I will take the necessary precautions when it comes to our safety, but other than that, out of sight out of mind.

    Ever heard the song "I'm a Survivor"? That's my song now...LOL

  • He's trying to paint you like the bad guy.  What a manipulative d!ck.  I'm sorry.
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